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  1. PEI's first ECAS social
  2. islanders with tanks
  3. Paintball?
  4. Fish Store Crawl Saturday March 21st.
  5. Road Trip to NB Social
  6. house tours?
  7. Egg Crate in Chtown
  8. Pressurized CO2
  9. Power outage in PEI
  10. Road Trip to NB Social
  11. Guppies or similar
  12. November ECAS Social date
  13. Anyone from NB interested in carpoling to PEI for the social
  14. Next PEI Social is a December 13th Road Trip to Moncton fro
  15. Anyone from PEI going to Halifax social
  16. group order for food?
  17. PEI Social Sunday March 21st
  18. Road Trip Time
  19. Hey everybody!
  20. Who Wants to..
  21. Would anyone like to help me move a tank?
  22. September Social
  23. February Social Sunday February 20th at 1:00pm
  24. Anyone travelling to Fredricton, and back to PEI
  25. PEI "End of Summer" Social UPDATED
  26. PEI ECAS December Social Dec 4th 1:00pm
  27. **P.E.I October Social**
  28. PEI May Social!
  29. shrimp
  30. free crushed coral
  31. Looking for shrimp, corydora, neon tetras and maybe more
  32. Marine exhibit @ the Charlottetown Farmers Market