Let's talk about water parameters

  1. carriej
    Hi Folks,

    As many of us in the hobby are always very interested in aquarium water parameters, let's post and compare!

    Does anyone keep their levels outside the "norm"? Does anyone struggle with maintaining a particular element? Does anyone dose something that they believe is the "magic potion" in regards to reef keeping? How often do you test? Do you keep your temperature on the low side, or high side? WHY? What products DO you dose? HOW often do you do waterchanges?

    Share it all here!

    I will start by sharing my most recent testing (I test weekly). Do any of you test for other things?

    I dose two-part (ESV) and Magnesium (ESV) every 2 days, and I do water changes once every two weeks.

    Temp - 78.4F
    Ammonia - 0
    Nitrite - 0
    Nitrate - 0
    pH -8.2
    Phosphate - 0
    Salinity - 1.025
    Calcium - 400
    Alkalinity -3.5 meq/L
    Magnesium - 1200ppm

    I would like to bring my calcium and Magnesium up a bit, I have brought my mag up approx 100ppm so far, would like to bring it up another 100ppm.
  2. AFK
    It is a struggle to maintain my ALK :(. I drop about 2.5-3 DKH a day if I shut off my dosing setup.
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