Hobbiest Emergencies

What this forum is for:

  • This forum is dedicated to ECAS members with an emergency that needs immediate help and attention.

Basically, when disaster strikes.

What this forum is NOT for:

  • This forum is not for fish rescue.
  • This forum is not for general questions.
  • This forum is not for health and sickness issues or questions.
  • This forum is not for failed equipment problems
  • etc... We have a ton of other sections on our forum where most things can be posted.

How this will work:

Sometimes disasters happen, and we need immediate help. Since we serve a massive are, we have a ton of members that could lend a hand. NO ONE is obligated to help. This is done on a volunteer basis. All volunteers will remain anonymous.

Volunteers can subscribe to this forum section and will be alerted VIA email when a new thread is posted.

What you need to do:

  • Post your emergency, with as much detail as possible.
  • Post your location
  • post your contact information. (Phone number is a must)
  • If you do not post contact info, then it is not an emergency, so use a different section of the forum.

A volunteer will then be alerted of your issue, and if they can help, they will call you.

Once the emergency has been handled, your contact info will be removed to protect your privacy.

Do not abuse this service:

  • Non emergencies will be deleted or moved from this area.
  • If you do not post what is required, the thread will be moved or deleted.
  • This is a once chance forum. If you do not follow the rules, you will be banned from using this section. Although harsh, members will be watching this section closely. Do not abuse their time or generosity.

Directions on how to volunteer:

(click for larger version)ecas subscribe.png