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Thread: Euphyllia Bugs treatment

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    Euphyllia Bugs treatment

    Hi Folks,

    I had noticed over the past 3-4 weeks one of my frogspawn had not been opening as much as it used to. It had formed two mouths on one head, so I had assumed it was trying to split and didn't think much of it since all of the other corals were fine. However, after awhile I noticed that it just looked ragged for lack of a better term. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was swarmed in very small white specks. I wondered what this was, but then... The specks moved. The coral was virtually swarmed with them; just the one.

    I posted in several forums, and received mostly advice that I was a newbie and those were simply copepods hanging out on my frogspawn and are nothing to worry about. I questioned my knowledge of what I knew about "pods", and decided they could certainly be right; considering hey... I have not been doing this for very long. However my tank is loaded with copepods, isopods, and amphipods. These were much smaller than anything I have ever seen so I decided to dig deeper.

    I sent PMs to many people, from 5 or 6 different forums. I googled "white euphyllia" bugs and essentially PMd anyone who looked like they had ran into them in the past.

    I learned several things about this bug

    1. It does exist; and it is bad.
    2. No commercial aquarium product seems to eradicate it
    3. Two products used that were "successful" were Interceptor dog dewormer, and Bayers Insect Killer.

    *Note* Interceptor is believed to be safer and more mild; but it is a veterinary prescription and I could not have a vet give it to me. I ended up taking my two 80 pound dogs in and got their yearly dewormer and got interceptor this time around instead of the usual stuff. So... If you don't have a big dog; I hope you have an understanding; open minded vet. Interceptor is also $20 dollars per large pill (Interceptor White)

    There were many other things mentioned. However these were the three things that were definite; everyone had their own opinions on how to treat these bugs; which was another obstacle. What one person sworn by, another said absolutely did not work. This is extremely frustrating in a hobby where Everyone is an Expert.

    So upon gathering my advice from about 8-10 individuals I decided several things - I did not want to dose my whole tank and that I was going to use interceptor. Some said that I had to dose my whole tank. Some said an hour dip worked, some said the dip takes 24 hours; some said to mix this much of the pill, some that much... Anyway; you can see where I am going here.

    In the end; I decided to do my own thing. I have a small 2 gallon glass tank I use for acclimation and decided to dip in that. I set it up with a heater, an airstone, and a light. I placed 1 gallon of tank water in there, I then heated a small amount of RO/DI water and crushed about 1/8 of the pill into it and then added that to the saltwater after it was dissolved and cooled. This pill does not dissolve easily.

    I left the coral in there for about 3 hours with the light on so it would open up and reveal the bugs. I went over and inspected the tank a few times. I could see the little bugs going all wonky (spinning in circles, etc etc) but it really took quite awhile for them to die.

    I then rinsed the coral in fresh SW and placed it back in the tank. Within 45 minutes; the coral was looking better than it had in weeks! This was on Friday night that I dipped it; so approx 48 hours ago.

    Click here to enlarge

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    Click here to enlarge

    I can see no more little bugs. I am going to keep a close eye on the coral for the next month or so; as I do have other euphyllia in the tank but not many. I'm hoping I can keep them away. If not; I have enough stuff to do continuous dips. However; it is looking very good thus far. I'm not sure if this is a permanent solution; but I hope so. I will update this thread in a few weeks to see if the little bugs come back.

    However they certainly are not welcome so I hope they stay away ;)

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    Good job :) I love Frogspawns and yours is very cute :)

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    glad you got rid of them



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