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Thread: darks spots on fins

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    darks spots on fins

    Hey everyone, I noticed some spots on my snakehead's fins today,
    he's acting normal, (as you can see he just ate)
    just wondering what the spots are and if it needs immediate attention?
    sloppy picture , but you can see it
    Click here to enlarge

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    Hmm, can you get any closer/clearer pic's ?

    Could be a parasite , google Digenetic Trematodes & Posthodiplostomum minimum. Commonly called "black spot disease" it can be transmitted by snails any chance you picked up some new plants recently?

    With that said , physical damage can cause similar black spots that could lead to a misdiagnosis, so it could be nothing at all.

    I'd read up on it in case it turns out to be a parasite but keep in mind snakeheads have a low tolerance to medications. I'd hold off on any sort of treatment and see if it doesn't clear up on it's own before doing anything.

    Hope that helps!
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    Looks like it's Black spot. This is the larval stage of a parasite. If the black spots are about 2mm that;s most likely it. A few treatments are APIs General Cure and Hikari PraziPro. Both are supposed to be good. I have PraziPro in the past and would recommend it.



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