Reporting posts/threads on the forum is something everyone can do.

"Reporting" can be done for a number of things.

Something in the wrong section? Double post? Maybe someone broke a rule and think we need to have a look?

Click the "Report" button below the users name. No one but Admins/Moderators will see that is was reported.

Click "Report".. then you'll have a chance to send a message with it.

This is standard on every forum, however... i would love for the members here to become more involved with the administration of the forum.

I know most will wait for someone to see it... but we don't always see every post, or read every thing on the forum. So this will help make sure we stay on top of everything!

Nothing worse then waiting for someone to come onto the forum to see something... or to fix something right?

Well... these go right to my cell phone in my pocket. (Maybe i should have never said that! lol) so you have a direct way to alert me at anytime with the click of a button!