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Thread: SOCIALS!!!! Venues, Suggestions and Recommendations

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    SOCIALS!!!! Venues, Suggestions and Recommendations

    We love socials and would love to keep them going... I mean when else is Stacey going to get off that Island??

    We are thinking maybe every 2 months or so... but we're still figuring it all out (like everything else)

    I don't know how you guys feel but we love going to fellow hobbyist's residences for socials. It's a more relaxing atmosphere plus we get to look at some wicked cool tank(s)

    If anyone would like to volunteer their homes for a few hours this year to accommodate a social please PM me (please don't write it on here)

    We will help with the cost of the Social as well as help setting up/cleaning up

    You must have enough room for 10-20 people comfortably and ample parking. It should also be a smoke free environment as we do have members who are allergic/sensitive.

    Please PM me if you want to volunteer and a little bit about your setup. Also, this can be NS, NB, or PEI :) Once we have volunteers we will figure out dates and times when needed.

    Also, anyone with recommendations/suggestions about socials please post them below :)

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    You know my house is aways open



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