Hello folks,

We are pretty lenient when it comes to posting. We try to allow as much freedom of speech as we can, while maintaining some form of peace. First and foremost, ECAS is a place of learning. Every single individual in this hobby has something that they can learn. There is not enough hours in a lifetime to learn everything one can learn about fish and aquaria. You will learn from others, and others will learn from you.

However, debates and discussions do happen. These are perfectly fine and acceptable, however, a word of advice... Try to treat everyone on here as though you were speaking with them face to face. I know sometimes it's not nice to be told you are wrong, or that there is a better way, but that's how you learn. People would never speak this way to other people, so do not speak this way on this forum.

What has no right to be on this forum, and what does not benefit anyone are inflammatory and abusive posts towards other members. Think before you post folks, that is all we ask. Hateful, mean, and malicious posts that are simply designed to try to anger/hurt another member will be deleted and the individual will be given warnings and dealt with accordingly.

Be Nice.