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Thread: Tricks/tips to breeding fish

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    Tricks/tips to breeding fish

    So I've had a few people ask me what tricks and tips I use to breed my fish so I thought I'd start this thread so people can give tricks/tips they use to breed fish that they keep so I'll start it I breed African cichlids and what tricks I could give is put clay pots and sand in your tank with cichlids stones or any aquarium safe stones and also I keep my heat at 84 degrees and let them do their magic and also if I only have one male of the kind I some times put a mirror in the tank so the male thinks it's another male and tries that much harder to breed and my fish breed everyday of the week

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    Kribs - create a cave with a small entrance, just enough space for the pair to fit through.
    Mouth Brooder - if your planning on stripping your females of the fry/eggs you are better off using a sparse tank versus one with loads of rocks as you will cause much more stress trying to catch her.
    Livebearers (personal opinion) - I promote the use of lots of floating plants (plastic or real) for the fry to hide in versus using a breeding trap. Catch the fry after you notice a good few of them.
    Targeted Egg Scatters (such as rainbow shiners)- use a high walled dish filled with river rocks or marbles and after they spawn over it all you need to do is remove the dish and place it in the rearing tank. The beauty of it is that the eggs or fry stay in the tank water the whole time as the dish still has water in it.
    Patience - often times my fish breed when I am not even trying, so stick with them and give them space.



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