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Thread: Crayfish and loach safe meds

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    Crayfish and loach safe meds

    I don't know if this is the right place for these questions but 1. Is the combo of melafix and primafix safe for crayfish? I know I can use them with loaches in my tank, and 2. If not what are some good meds for fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections that are safe to use in the presence of crayfish and kuli loaches? Just wondering in case I have to get meds.

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    Yes , pimafix & Melafix are safe to use with crayfish or other inverts. Also safe for loaches or scaleless fish they also won't kill off the benificial bacteria in you filter . I've found both products are most effective & very effective when used together.

    Hope that helps.
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    Do you keep the kuhli loaches and crayfish together? If you do, I would very much suggest giving one or the other a different home. The loaches love schools of 6 or more and the crayfish will try to catch/eat them.
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