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Thread: Flame angelfish

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    Flame angelfish

    Before i start with whats wrong i know the fish need bigger tank... Bought it last wk off some guy and working on building a 55.. Now to the angelfish hes been fine for the last wk but since this afternoon he been now moving at all and stays this wayClick here to enlarge please tell me what to do as one im completely new to this and 2 dont have any qt tank and dont wanna loose him

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    Don't wait for a response on here 10 hours is too long for the fish look up some symptoms on the Google and see what you can come up with hope the fish is ok!!

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    What are your water tests showing? Salinity? Also post on the salt water forums maybe someone there could help. United reef has alot of experienced salt water fish keepers.
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    All you can really do is check the basics ,

    ph swings or ammonia spikes & low 02 are the first 3 I'd check! They all lead to the stressed swimming surface gasping sorta behaviour. You can't really test 02 but slapping in increased aeration as a precautionary move is safe and will help if it's an ammonia issue as well .

    Did u include crushed oyster shell into the setup?
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