Well, that may be an overstatement but he is getting along with them fine in his ten gallon. I put in 10 Pygmy Cories last night and they are all over the place, not shy at all and Ziggy just swims from one to the other to check them out but is not aggressive at all. Yay!

The only other time I had anything in with a betta was when I first got into the hobby and put a sailfin baby pleco in with him. Stayed together for months like that but the betta kept trying to curl himself around the pleco but he wouldn't have any if that. After gaining more knowledge about fish behaviours I was a bit afraid to try anything with my next betta so I stuck with a couple of dwarf frogs until he bit a leg off! He was a nasty little geeba, that one.

Now I have two bettas, so happy to have success with the one, I am very hopeful for the other and being very adventurous - a well planted 25(ish) gallon bow front with the betta, green gold cories and rainbow tetras. Also a baby blue phantom pleco (which I absolutely adore) until he grows out a bit and then will be moved to another tank. That will be after I quarantine the other fish for a few weeks, just got them yesterday. Wish me luck on that one.