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Thread: LED Light advice

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    LED Light advice

    I am thinking about switching over my T5 light to LED in the near future and I'm looking to gather some advice from people who have LED lights. I'd like to get one that has a timer built in to it but from what I've looked at they seem to jump in price as soon as you ad a timer. I've also looked at the Elive Pod Light system and it sounds cool and it is reasonably priced just not sure how effective they are if anyone has one could you tell me your thoughts and any general advice about LED lights and price comparissons would be greatly appreciated.


    (Oh and its for a 90gal Cichlid tank with no real plants to worry about)

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    I use fluval aqualife and plant led lights, they treat me well. Ive used the marineland led lights, they are ok but don't throw a lot of light. I use timer power bars on all my tanks, theyre $20 from canadian tire. 4 plugs are timed, 4 are not.
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    I use a led on my cichlid tank and it is ok with low light plants I payee close to 200 for mine couple years ago now .



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