So if your into shrimp keeping or even considering keeping ornamental shrimp, then consider joining this facebook group that I started a few weeks ago!

I have found personally, and after talking to many other Shrimp hobbyists within Canada, that it is hard for a lot of us to find sources that sell and/or ship quality aquarium shrimp (Unless you live in a place like Toronto :D ). Most people I have talked to were only aware of one or two places that they could get shrimp from online, and its very frustrating to people when their choices are so few.

So in an effort to help spread knowledge and resources to fellow Canadian Shrimpers, and to help bring us more together, so more connections to sellers and breeders can be made, I have created this group. And more importantly we get to share our love of ornamental shrimp and chat with like-minded people!

We are fun and friendly, and love to talk shrimp ! So if you want to join in and chat with some fellow Shrimpy Canadians, then click the link below eh ! :P

Hope to see some of you there :)