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Thread: Something strange going on

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    Question Something strange going on

    The dozen or so fish in my community tank are behaving oddly this evening. I usually feed them in the evening, before lights out, and they invariably rise to the surface to feed with splashing enthusiasm. Tonight, all the fish are at the bottom of the tank, schooling together (11 tetras of two species, and three neons). Most of the fish are holding in one tight group, not swimming about, and facing the same direction. None are missing. I sprinkled a bit of food on the surface and they ignored it.

    There have been no recent changes in conditions in the aquarium. I changed about 20% water volume yesterday, and again less than a week ago. Temperature is normal and the pump is working. I am puzzled. Do any of you more experienced aquariasts recognize this behaviour?

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    If it's for sure not temperature you should test for ammonia and nitrites. Also look for any signs of disease. Could you have forgotten to add in a dechlorinator yesterday (if applicable).. just some ideas.
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    If you forget to add the dechlorinator they would all be at the surface. I agree it would be wise to test the water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate being the main ones). Since they are tetras, did you just turn on the light? They are sometimes slugglish just after the light is turned on.



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