Going to upgrade my sump from a 40 gallon breeder (36"x18"x12") to a 66 gallon (48"x16"x20"h) and was looking for some ideas as to its layout. My current sump has three chambers: the first has the water inflow through a filter sock, and the chamber is filled with kitchen scrubbers. The baffle between the first and second chanber is 1.5" off the floor of the aquarium, so the water flows underneath it into the second chamber. The second chamber is completely filled with pillow stuffing. The baffle between the second and third chambers is tight to the aquarium floor and about 1.5" lower than the baffle between the first and second chambers. The water then flows over the second baffle into the third chamber which houses my return pumps and heaters. I feel that with the bigger tank I could add a fourth chamber but am not sure what to add to maximize the space and filtration capability. Any ideas would be welcomed!