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Thread: Cetopsis coecutiens Log

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    Cetopsis coecutiens Log

    Hey everyone,
    I figured I would start a bit of a log of my group of Cetopsis coecutiens and share any experiences with them as there is not a whole of info on them. I wanted to give back so to speak as I spent the last 8 years tracking them down and researching them with the use of other hobbyists experiences.
    Currently they are growing out in a 135G, the only tank mate is a common pleco that seems to be fairing OK. I'm feeding the group of 12 diced/blended cocktail shrimp, earth worms, frozen blood worms and mysis shrimp. I have tried sinking shrimp pellets and I was surprised that they did take to them as well. But regardless of being wild caught, I still think it's true predatory catfish fashion to pretty much eat anything that hits the water.
    Here are a few short videos of the new additions to the fish room.!AsJGY5z151_jgXbYbl2kJ7bPWbE9!AsJGY5z151_jgXda9pexK6IRijUb!AsJGY5z151_jgXQzGBE-2I6gPEJc

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    Very active! Keep up the videos!



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