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Thread: My 75 gallon Tetra Community planted tank

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    The tank is looking great, so clean! And the shrimp, they are very cool. If they are not chatting weather, they are gossiping. I imagine they are talking about the plecos and how they have to pick he their slack ;)

    To add on to the background idea, another cheap option is to paint it. The film is likely easier to apply and not as much work to remove, but since you will be breaking the tank down to move it anyway might be easy just to give it a quick spray with some Krylon.
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    We got moved! We hired movers to move the big furniture...but mainly for my aquarium LOL!!! They did a great job. I, however, did not. It's a flipping miracle that I didn't lose any of my stock!

    I failed to notice that the taps at the new house do NOT fit my hose...big issue since the downstairs utility sink has NO water pressure (not even enough to make it up a hose, let alone fill a 75 gallon aquarium). So, at about 11 PM, Queue me going up and down the stairs to fill up a ONE gallon container at the kitchen sink. Getting tired of that (fast), I get the brainiac idea to start putting the fish in (there was enough water). Then my brilliant mind (it's now closer to 1 AM) decides hey - we can totally lift this bucket up and dump the rest of the fish and water into the aquarium!


    My husband, up in our bedroom, says all he heard was - oh no, no, no, no, no *SPLOOSH* HUSBAND! (I used his name, but you get the drift) As I frantically tried to keep the container from tipping, failed epically and ended up with half my stock ON THE INDUSTRIAL CARPET!

    I frantically picked up all my fishies (including Beast who is a large hi-fin pleco). Magically or miraculously ALL of them survived. Husband helped me fill the rest of the tank up. I puttered around sleep eyed getting stuff in the aquarium to make sure all were happy.

    An HOUR later...I notice something under my bearded dragon's enclosure. One of my albino corys had landed there...IT WAS STILL ALIVE!!! It survived it's ordeal and I've since named it Chuck Norris - cause damn!

    A little over a month later - everyone is swimmingly happy. I've added some new amano shrimp and a gold stripe cory (it's so pretty), a couple of rabbit snails and some ramshorn snails (I have assassins, so between the pond snails and the new ramshorn, I'm good). I ordered new plants, just need to get it all rearranged and organized. Still need a tap that will fit my hose, but I figured the fish and all were so stressed from the move I would give them time. I'm glad I did as I now have a ton of baby guppies (no sarcasm, I was excited to see them as it means everyone's back to normal).

    Moral of the story - NEVER rush filling a tank...and don't do it when you can barely keep your eyes open. OIE!
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