We have a 120 gallon downstairs in the recroom and it's fairly dark down there. Every time we opened the curtains, of course, algae would form on the front pane of the aquarium. So, I went to Michaels and bought some plastic canvas (13.5" x 11" I think it is). I took two pieces of the canvas and sewed three sides together with fishing line, leaving one of the long sides opened. I then took 3 (tropica) portions of Christmas Moss and scattered it around inside the two pieces. Then sewed up that longer side.

I cut four little slits in each corner of the canvas and popped in a suction cup in each one.

Affixed them to the back of the aquarium. This was a couple of weeks ago and the moss is starting to peek through the mesh now. But it has been absolutely filling up the area between the sewn pieces. We now have the curtains opened ALL the time now and have not had a single incident of algae on the front of the glass. Prior to the moss walls, I've always had amano shrimp, a bulldog pleco and a bunch of otos... but the addition of these moss wall canvases is seemingly the part that sucks all the nutrients away from the algae forming on the glass.

It was worth every penny and my guess as the moss grows even more, it'll be even better still. I may build a few more from Moss Inventory I have here. I think they'll be great in the shrimp tanks.

I can't link to the pics here as it says the pics are too large (about 500mb each). But you can see them here: