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Thread: Predatory Ghost(?) Shrimp... Not certain of species, maybe someone can help.

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    Predatory Ghost(?) Shrimp... Not certain of species, maybe someone can help.

    I don't know when the last time was I posted something, but I just saw something I really didn't expect. I've had a couple of "ghost"
    shrimp for a few weeks from the LFS. They were doing fine sharing a 5gal lightly planted tank with a Betta, so I thought I'd see just for fun how some cherry shrimp would do. I knew the Betta could pose a risk, but I figured maybe he was used to not seeing shrimp as food. To my surprise, he wasn't the problem. Yes, he is having fun chasing them, but hasn't really persisted enough to kill one or come close. Instead, I just watched one of the two "Ghost shrimp" chase down, kill, and devour a cherry shrimp... I'm going to try to load a video. Hopefully that isn't too complicated...

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    Can't say I have seen that before. You can upload the video to youtube and post the link here.

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    When choosing part of a "cleanup crew", I had read a few articles on ghost shrimp being aggressive. I even read where ghost shrimp would attack a vulnerable small fish. In the end, I opted for Amano over ghost shrimp.



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