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Thread: Boraras Brigittae in HRM

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    Boraras Brigittae in HRM

    Hi All,

    I am looking to acquire some Boraras Brigittae in HRM. Does anyone know where I could acquire some? Feel free to reply or PM me details.


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    I thought I saw the Chili Rasboaras at Aquarica not long ago, if not mistaken.

    You might also give Into the Wilds a call, or check them out on Facebook. They always have smaller, interesting tetras and such there. Not sure if they'll have the rasboras, but it's entirely possible.

    ETA: I had purchased a small school of Red Phantom Tetras from Into the Wild a little while back and they've been a great addition to the tank for a small fish. The males puff out their red fins and look great against the live plant foliage. Might be an alternative species if you cannot find any of the chili rasboras.
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