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Thread: Lighting for Planted Tank that is also useful for SAD

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    Lighting for Planted Tank that is also useful for SAD

    Hi folks:

    My workplace will be doing renovations soon and we will lose the window in our area. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder ("SAD") so this is going to suck!!!

    I'm thinking of setting up a 5g nano planted tank.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows whether a light for a planted tank could be gotten that will also work for SAD?

    My research on SAD tells me that light in the blue/white range of around 10,000 lux, 5,500K is about what is required. I realize that since this won't be a proper "light box" for SAD it may not be as effective but the combination of the light itself and the enjoyment of a little planted tank... with a happy dwarf puffer... .will also be beneficial to me.

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    One option for SAD, may be at COSTCO. They have small desk lights there that are "daylight" and they work extremely well. They're LED and on a Gooseneck and you can change the intensity, from really bright (cool white/daylight) to warm light. We ended up replacing lamps in the basement/recroom with them and they really a great addition.

    Now, I dunno if this will work for a planted tank, but if not, you can just get a small NICREW lamp to handle that. This desktop lamp though, may indeed help with the SAD issue.
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