1 – Brand new,never used, Eheim Jager 300 w heater. Suitable for tanks up to 264gallons.
New- $45.00...$25.00
1- Brand new, neverused 100 w Aqueon Preset Heater. Preset to 78 degrees F. Suitablefor tanks up to 30 gallons. New - $25.00...$15.00 (still havereceipt)
1- Brand new,unopened 5.3 0z. jar of Omega One fresh water flakes. New -$15.00... $10.00
1- Brand new,unopened 1. 50z. Jar of Omega One Freeze Dried Tubiflex worms. New$10.00.. $5.00
5 bags of HikariSinking Wafers- New $50.00 each...$25.00
1- PH digitaltester, slightly used. New $20.00...$15.00
1- Medium size pieceof Mopani driftwood. 9” tall x 10 1/2 “ wide. New $20.00..$10.00

We also have a 20gallon aquarium complete with lid, and florescent light, measures 24”long x 12 “ deep x 16” tall. 5 Cory Catfish, and 1 Electric BlueRam, all Healthy. An Aqua Clear 30 filter, Eheim Jager 300 heater, vacuum, decorations, gravel, some sinking pellets, a littlewater dechlorinator, bubbler, with power supply, nets, small piece ofdriftwood, and possibly a few other small things.
For Complete TankSet Up.....$85.00
I don't know how to post pictures, but you can email me at and I can send pictures that way.