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    Hi everyone,

    Just getting back into the hobby, it's been a tough couple years and after a 130, 90, and 65 gallon (3 times) tanks blow the seams over a ten month period I got out of the hobby a couple years ago.

    Recently got the bug and decided to give it a try once more. I recently purchased a new tetra 55 gallon and have been working on building a stand to go with it. I have the cabinet almost complete but I'm worried about top of the cabinet. It's built to handle the weight a couple times over but top is not perfectly flat, one corner is about a 1/8-1/16 lower than the rest. After having five floods I'm not sure if I can actually fill the tank. I know I'm over thinking it and probably stressing over nothing but I wanted to see what you guys think... I'm actually thinking of pouring self leveling cement on top of the plywood but part of me is thinking this is overkill.

    Any suggestions?

    Oh, I guess I should also say hi from Bridgewater.. lol
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    I don't have anything to say about the leveling myself, but I just wanted to welcome you back to the hobby.

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    Welcome back! For piece of mind I would probably rebuild the top of the sand. Would it be easy to fix just that one part without having to start it over?
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