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Thread: Back again

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    Back again

    Hi all, my name is Lori and i was a member when we lived in Dartmouth, and when we first moved back to NB. This was about 14 years ago or so. Nice to see some familiar names. Glad to see you still here Stacey and hope to see more in group.

    We are living in Bath NB now and have 2 tanks, and 1.5 gallon with a comb tail beta, and yea ..i know so pretty and one of my 2 favourites. We also have currently a 25 gallon with some glow fish and a platy (for now we lost the other ones we had when treating for ick) and my buddy pat the who i am afraid will soon be to big for my tank :( . I miss my ciclids.

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    Welcome back

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    Welcome back! Love Beta fish and would love to see a pic :)

    Hopefully everyone has not recovered from the ick, that is never a good time. You say you miss your cichlids, do you plan to get back into them?
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