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Thread: Current state of the hobby?

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    Current state of the hobby?

    Hello everyone. Havent had an aquarium for a few years now and was thinking of getting back in. The forum looks pretty dead. Did the conversation move to FaceBook or is the hobby just not very active in Atlantic Canada right now? I know Fredericton still has no LFS to speak us, just the the PetSmart which never seems to have anything decent for hardware or plants <sigh>.

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    Forums in general are a dying breed. I do prefer forums over facebook myself. I think there still a decent amount of hobbyists in Atlantic Canada. There are a few stores in the maritimes. Atlantis in Charlottetown PEI, Riverscape in Moncton,1 fish 2 fish in Dartmouth NS, Aquarica in Bedford NS just to name a few freshwater stores that I can think of at 7AM.



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