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Thread: Cat on cover-glass

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    Cat on cover-glass

    So I've been dry for a couple years now and really want to get an aquarium going again. One problem we had with the last one was that our cat would want to jump on to the cover glass and sit there. We were always scared it would break, and so kept that tank (a 10G) in a room we could close off when we weren't there to keep an eye on things. But we never got to enjoy the aquarium very much because of that.

    Not using a cover glass isnt an option: in the winter especially I will loose 20% of my water inside of a week to evaporation! And no, getting rid of the cat is no an option. I'd like to do the proverbial ADA 60P with their cover-glass/metal clips but I feel sure that if the cover glass doesn't break from him stepping on it, the metal clips will stress/crack the top edges of the aquarium itself with equally disastrous results.

    Any thoughts?

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    I had the 60p with ADA clips and cover........ definitely would not feel comfortable putting any weight on there. The glass cover is thin and the tank itself, I recall seeming very delicate.

    One option might be to put a floating shelf over the tank, or put it on a shelf. Make sure there is not enough room for the cat to squeeze in and you could even suspend the light from the bottom of the shelf.

    Another option might be to get a nice thick piece of glass maybe 6mm and place it right on top of the aquarium with no clips.... maybe some kind of rubber padding in the corners to keep it from sliding off if the cat jumps on? But that seems a little risky too.

    It is a beautiful tank, I regret selling mine. I really hope you can find a way to make this work. However, if there is no way to keep you cat from jumping on there, might not be the best option right now.
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