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Howdy folks! Iím a teacher in the Antigonish area and setting up a tank in my school office.
Iím looking for hardy low light plants or cuttings if anyone local can spare any. Water is a little on the hard side. I have some crypts, anubias, and Java fern all o which seem to do well, but a few stem plants, some vallisneria, or the like would set it off nicely.
I set it up in June and have done a fishless cycleit over the summer. Itís a 55gal and Iím planning to stock it with some zebra danios, tiger barbs (enough that they spend their time harassing each other not the other inhabitants), some kind of coryís and/or kuhli loaches.
Easy, fun, busy, fish. If you have any to spare or sell Let me know!
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