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Thread: Set-up required for a green spotted puffer?

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    I'm currently entertaining the idea of getting a new tank for a green spotted puffer. I've been in love with these guys for a while, and am interested in getting one of my own. However, thus far I only have experience with "easy" freshwater fish kept in a 10 gallon aquarium. I have lots of questions and need advice.

    It was suggested to me that one would be happy living alone in a 30-gal tank. Will it feel lonely? Will it outgrow the tank when it reaches the full 6 inches?

    What do I need to know about puffers and brackish water before considering this undertaking?

    How many snails can one puffer comfortably eat as treats on top of its real food?

    Other questions will follow as I start getting answers... Thanks!

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    Yeah, I would say hold out for some Figure 8 puffers. They're pretty much the same fish, except you can keep more figure 8's together. And at a salinity of .005 you can grow some java moss and java fern if you want live plants. Also at .005, if you go to Ruffins in bedford and buy the 200gl box of salt for $60 (i think they still have that deal) it will last you a real long time!!

    But I guess to answer one of your questions, a 30gl wouldn't be the worst thing for a 6 inch puffer as they are not the kind of fish to race around the tank. But they would need a tank with lots of caves and rocks to hide, hunt and explore in. Otherwise puffers can get bored with a tank.

    Others may know better then me but if Figure 8's grow at the same rate as GSP's, you'll have a couple of years at least to decide if you want to upgrade to a larger tank.

    Either way they're fun fish. Good luck



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